Signature Body Treatment

This signature experience takes your mind and body on a journey to relaxation by blending select services into one. Your experience begins with an Antioxidant Hydrotherapy and an exfoliating Chardonnay. Grape Seed full body polish derived from grape seeds, honey and brown sugar. Followed by a Swedish massage utilizing warm grape seed oil. As a finale, achieve a state of mental clarity with our Temple Tension Release as your hands and feet are renewed with a paraffin treatment.

Duration: 120 minutes

Benefit of Spa Therapy

• Enhance Spiritual Awareness
• Increase the body’s energy flow
• Improve flexibility of our body
• Heal emotional distress
• Sooth tired muscles
• Tone, Nourish & Exfoliate the Skin
• Harmonize & detoxify the body
• Initiate serotonin release
• Facilitate deep relaxation
• Strengthen immune & respiratory System
• Reduce high blood pressure
• Reduce the effects of ageing
• Reduce pain and stiffness in joints
• Reduce weight and weight-related problems
• Reduce insomnia, stress and fatigue
• Promote overall health and well being and many more!